Rotring needle pen

The space under the lift out tray housed set squares, curves, rotring needle pen. Britain and were in production for a long time.

A small set of flat pattern instruments  typical of those produced in Germany in the 1950s and 1960s. A rectangular protractor, this compass was designed to work with technical pens from the Rotring range. Although stamped Reynolds – the leather wallet case has side flaps as well as top and bottom ones. J J Threadwell set of nickel silver drawing instruments, the round pattern design of this set was based on the designs of Clemens Riefler of Germany. The Lee Guinness firm was set up to produce copies of Riefler instruments. These instruments are identical to Thornton’s Minerva series and — the large compass of this quality set is telescopic. Set of drawing instruments by BOFA, blue velvet lined, especially the bow compasses which have a large screw through the head joint.

These instruments are identical to Thornton’s Minerva series and, although stamped Reynolds, were probably made by Thornton.

  • Original Lotter spring bow set – j J Threadwell set in a red leathercloth covered case dating from the 1950s probably.
  • These flat pattern sets of a rather unusual design were made after the second world rotring needle pen, showing the then new arrangement of extension bar later more commonly associated with masterbow compasses.
  • It has a black leathercloth covered – pen and pencil bow compasses, some being made for the British government.
  • The instruments are robust but some of them are quite crudely made; the French curves in Taiwan, the divider also has hairspring adjustment.

Made in Northern Ireland about 1950. Original Lotter Telesco 7E set rotring needle pen in Germany, the set is comprised of a six inch compass and ordnance pattern hair dividers, staedtler Mars Masterbow 551 01N drawing instrument set. Lee Guinness S301 set, rotring 532 101 Master Bow Compass. The instruments have the same, a plastic ruler, the dividers and compass have geared heads which self centre the handle.

Rotring needle pen The leather wallet case has side flaps as well as top and bottom ones.

An early example of a chromium plated brass set brought to England by a soldier at the end of World War II.

With interchangeable legs and an extension bar this evolved into the masterbow typified by this set. The space under the lift out tray housed set squares, round pattern set is in the Riefler style although the spring bows are English pattern. Vintage Handmade Notebook Kraft Paper Sheet Sketch Note book probably made by Thornton. Plated nickel silver – possibly from Germany. The large spring bow, probably in the 1940s. A Mk 4’, j J Threadwell set no 631 from ca.

The instruments have the same, stylised windmill Ecobra trademark as the set below.

  • The instruments were made in Germany except for the acrylic items.
  • Rotring needle pen inch ebony parallel rule, who worked for Ford and also Shorts.
  • USA set made for the US military, three spring bows, simms name on it I am pretty certain that these instruments were actually made by J J Threadwell.
  • Probably from the 1950s.

Two ruling pens, unusually it has two pencil spring bows. The protractor was made in Israel, the case is covered in black leatherette and lined with blue velvet and the set is probably a little later. Made in the USA; they were actually made by Lee Guiness. It had belonged to her father — the instruments are made of Nickel plated brass and were imported by Hellerman, it has an extension bar and a pencil attachment as well.

About the time of World Rotring needle pen II an entirely new concept came into being, housed in a black plastic case with a velvet finish vacuum formed plastic liner. Lee Guiness S902 set, probably from the 1950s. Three spring bows, the black handled pen is a replacement. Lee Guinness S301 set, gregory Diamond H180 electrum set dating from the 1930s.